Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Harlan Blows Up; Cakes Get Dirty

There is a nice write-up of Tropic of Food favorite Harlan in the newly created Greensboro music blog Rockstatic. Embarassingly, an Audubon Park member has already left a fawning comment. For reals: J. Harlan is a magician of music--so much so that even though I knew how to play the guitar before he did, he still taught me how to play guitar! That shit can only happen in Tlon.

The world revolves.

In other news: This Sunday, WXYC will host the fourth Backyard BBQ live show at the Local 506. Playing this time--in order of appearance--are Spader, The Torch Marauder and Hotel Motel. We all know that the Torch Marauder is not to be missed at any time for any reason. Additionally, it has become common knowledge, or at least an internet meme, that Hotel Motel are at the top of thier game--a game that only they play. All three bands are also on the oft mentioned--by the Tropic of Food at least--new Pox World Empire Compulation Volume II: Music from North Carolina. The show is November 20 at 8pm sharp. Free music and free BBQ. Also, a recording of the last show is available for download on the WXYC site. That will be a continuing practice, so feel free to go after the show and get some free live music. So far Jett-Rink, Strange, Ahleuchatistas and Dr. Powerful.

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