Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brothers in Hypeness II and a Little Lady


Saturday May 24
The Cave
5 bucks, methinks

For serious, Audubon Park, the band that didn't break up but did get even less professional, will play a show in [your area], thanks to a visit from Mr. DC Nahm. Look, if you thought things were unhinged when we actually practiced sometimes, well then.
Bring: a motorcycle helmet.

Le Weekend also = for serious. Easy as complicated pie. And, yes, you've been good and can have a new song. We're awful close to letting that EP go, so this is a chance to build memories of what your life was like before music got what it was asking for.
Bring: a protractor, but don't forget to decorate it real sexy-like.

And last but not least and also not last since he's probably first, (Mr.) (MC) Crash, broadcasting strong opinions and fresh perspective on the collapse of the housing market.
Bring: The Wealth of Nations and a book of matches.

PLUS EVERYBODY: on the day of the show, from 6-7pm, tune in to WCOM 103.5 on your radio dial (or hit their streaming webcast if you happen to be somewhere other than the WCOM parking lot--that's low power FM remember?) for 'The Hook'. Members of AP and LW will wax chatful and play tracks from past AP releases and preview the forthcoming LW EP. BTW, DFW? NSFW! FCC.

Finally, straight out of the Independent Weekly's preview of the show: "...Things start at 10 p.m." Now that's not just me talking!! That's in the Indy!!