Monday, November 28, 2005

Bon Annie Vert Slayer

The members of Tropic of Food, Audubon Park, the Nein, Hotel Motel and a few members of Erie Choir would like to wish a warm happy 23rd birthday to Matthew "Stumpy" Burr on this his 24th birthday. It seems like only Wednesday, many years ago, his mother's womb said, "Dude, serious, you have to bounce." And bounce he did.

If Stingy were a cake, I would stick burning bits of wax in his head.

We, being AP, would also like to thank the placid Mr. Springy for his vocal style renderings on the unexpected, unplanned, unlearned, unrehearsed, and un-non-awesome Pavement cover we played last night. Remember, if we almost played "Hunger Strike." You can take that to your grave with you.

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