Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ghettos of the Sun

In honor of the release of Pox World Empire's Compulation Volume Two, here are the lyrics to our contribution, "Ghettos of the Sun":

In the ghettos of the sun I am waiting, with my boyish smile
slowly fading; and the looks that we get are so terrible.
The languid laughter is lowing across the mowers still mowing
and the withering weeping is just part of the cell.

I am finding for the first time the jeweled display
of my mind slung open so all can find the relequaries.

A dim pre-birth impression of a clumsy outward expression:
Altamira or Lascaux. I see you standing on the shore
and you're waiting for your neck to stop hurting this evening--
the lonely world turning its face away.

I am finding for the first time, the jeweled display
of my mind slung open so all can find
the reliquaries of saintly birds, packed with lime,
they're so absurd. They all laugh because they know we're gone.


The instruments used on this song were: Pear drums, Fender precision bass, Ampeg amp, Squire Stratocaster, Fender Jaguar, Fender Twin, Korg keyboard, Gibson acoustic guitar, sampled sounds on a tape deck or a sampler or something, hand claps, singing, singing, singing, shaker, BBQ sandwiches, cup of ice with water, (flanger), music, sounds, strings, clang, clang and piano.

This song was recorded backwards with the solos first, then the things that we probably should have recorded before the solos. Then more solos on top--meta-solos. After we recorded for a while, Zeno took us to the Cue Shaq for food. AP loves to eat: don't believe the RNC talking points when they tell you we don't. We do. Instead of being paid money at shows, we would always pick getting fed. Because you can't eat money. True, you an buy food with money and then eat that food, but that is a whole extra step. Just give us the food.

After our lunch, we finished recording the song. While we did that, Matt and Ben spilled coffee all over the place and then we wandered through the Durham Bamboo Forest of Mystery! It was creepy. We talked about what our band photos we would take in the DBFoM would look like--so tough, with each of us looking in different directions and not smiling. Those are band photos that would rule. As it stands we don't have any promotional photos of the band. That is good though, considering that we don't have much in the way of a "promotional bone in our bodies." If we do, it is in our stomachs because it came as a garnish in a Chinese restaurant and Matt ate it out of protest against the "Military Industrial Complex's wasteful use of garnish."

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