Monday, August 17, 2009

(----) in Russia Vol.24--Special Edition: Deep Zeke, Part the Second

Whew. That was a long time between posts. Where were we? Oh, yes...the Russian balalaika solo.

And a Russian magician fail.

Inside this official-looking building at a park called VDNKh, which itself is kinda like a cross between the N.C. State Fair and, um, Russia, was a "Cat Expo."

Which consisted of a bunch of cats in soft cages hanging out while people petted them.

A screenshot from "The Howling 7: Kittens of Doom."

A monument to the Russian cosmonaut at VDNKh, as seen from below. While we were checking this out, a mysterious man in a suit with a video camera asked me to film him walking up to this slowly, pondering its greatness, then walking out of the frame (exit stage left). Luckily, only one take was needed for posterity.

The base of the monument, which features a rendering of Laika, the first dog in space.

If Metallica was pissed about Napster, I wonder what they would think of Hetfield's likeness being used to hawk musical instruments in front of a sign for yet another cat expo.

Cougin', Moscow-style.

Exasperated Girl Walks By Exasperated Child Clinging to Exasperated Dad Beach.

It happens.

A touching portrait of young love; you know it's love when she's willing to sculpt your mohawk in public.

Healthy living message fail.

And now, Ghostface Killah's Moscow performance. There were a shit-ton of Russian rappers that went on in pairs for a song or two each before Ghost hit the stage. This dude with his fist up brought the B-Real to the event.


He brought a group of Russian rappers up onstage to freestyle at one point during his set and encouraged the crowd to diss the ones they didn't like. (ed: video shot by someone else.)

Here's one for all those involved in that "Birth of Hip Hop" email string that has been going on for weeks.

"C.R.E.A.M. get the money."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pre-blog Archive: Suggested Album Titles

Cleaning out my closet, I found a bunch of junk. Among the junk, was this list of album titles David suggested Sorry About Dresden use for our second album.
  • Women, wine + regret
  • The three amigoes
  • Fancy rich people music
  • Plethora of pinatas
  • Swab me, i'm pink
  • Argyle socks alone in the wind
  • Trees full of felt shade my way
  • Ugly People Makin' dollas (UPMD)
  • hungry nights in the hungover months
  • Horny!
  • Beef, Beef, the dog named Beef!
  • My Calves are Bare (The James Story) Lifetime Exclusive
  • The parade of jerks through my bed.
  • Unpronouncable last Names
  • A woman named blister
  • Hold Me, I'm Avante-garde
  • Chide me!