Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Overheard in Durham

Tuesday, November 8
8:30 pm (the narrator is supposed to be in class, but is purchasing what can be referred to as a "sixer" of Lord Chesterfield Ale)

Setting: Sam's Blue Light, a convenient stop for most Duke students who live just up the road on Central Campus to procure alcohol of the hops and barley (the finest, freshest hops, mind you) nature.

Sub-setting: the beer aisle.

The players: two very large individuals who are most certainly on the defensive line for the Blue Devils, which means they are quite possibly implicated in the apparently pitiful force of nature known as the Duke University football program and are therefore subject to much tongue-lashing on the part of their fellow students before film class.

The conversation:
TIGHT END: ugh...unh....(mouth breather)
TIGHTER END: Coors is a good beer.
TIGHT END: I can't drink more than three or four of those.
TIGHTER END: Hmhpf. After three or four, I'm like, 'keep em comin!'
TIGHT END: I stand bested, my good man.

(some lapse in the conversation before the two repressed lovebirds turn to the display of imported, "better" beers)

TIGHTER END: Look at all the flavors.
TIGHT END: .......uhng........

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