Friday, November 30, 2007

today is National Stinge Day

traditional celebratory rites include:

--honoring fallen heroes of the Burr childhood:

--recalling candid moments in contemporary 80's cinema.

--a peanut butter and jelly cake made in the likeness of Mitch Buchannon.

--a hearty session of stone cold lampin', usually done indoors with the blinds drawn (seen here with Silk Nogg).

Monday, November 26, 2007

A post about a band playing a show

Erie Choir plays Tuesday, NOV 27th at the LOCAL 506 with Zookeeper and Hard Luck Stories.
The Hercules Europe Brass will be accompanying us with their smooth, graceful stylings. Not sure yet what I'll wear, but we'll play a song most of us first heard on cassette.



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bloggong question

To all bloggors bloggong on this blogg: Do we should or do we should not changify the format of the dating system of the each bloggong entry, so as to make each of the bloggong entry say what number and month and day of week for each bloggong entry? This question is posed here for answering in the section of comments. I'm only sayin' because sometimes I really don't know if Tuesday means today or last week. Bloggong.


I found this posted somewhere on the internet. Direct quote:

"I have been writing a few thought on my profile blog. Feel free to to look and throw in your 2 cents. I found bloggong is Thearaputic for a wonded fan."

You won't be needing a link. The joke is already over.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Support the Scene

For my first post, I'd like to report on the show I went to last night. It was night one of the 4 Million Tongues Festival, held at a cool loft space called the AV-aerie. The main reason I went was to show love for the dirty south, as Chapel Hill rockers Horseback were on the bill as part of their current northeast/midwest tour. Horseback is the drone project of Jenks Miller, and he was joined in this incarnation by Aaron Smithers and hired sax Crowmeat Bob. In talking with Jenks and Bob beforehand, I was appraised of their multiple run-in's with the fuzz, putting even the hi-jinks of a certain tour that shall not be named to shame.

As for their performance this night, I thought it was terrific. My only complaint was that they could have played longer, but since they were one of 2 side-stage bands (and one of 6 bands overall), they had to be limited. It's ok though, they made the most of their time, pumping out some sweet drones for the first part of the set before adding a friend of Aaron's on drums for the last song, which was quite rocking. The crowd seemed appreciative as well.

I bought a Horseback album, as well as a 4-disc mega collection from Crowmeat, documenting his Death Jazz series at the Bickett Gallery (includes a certain Teenage Horses cover model on one of the tracks!). Today I'm going to try and show the lads around my hood, as they're staying in town for night two of the festival. I've got dinner plans tonight in Chinatown, but I'm going to try and make it back in time to see Charalambides and Alasdair Roberts. Until next time, Stinge out.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tropic of Food welcomes this man to the meta-infosphere that is this blog

meaning, the detritus of his daily thoughts and online wanderings can now be sifted onto the blog at his will. we can only take so much responsibility for the results.


This is fun:

Rolling Stone's Almost-Impossible Rock 'n' Roll Quiz.

Hat tip to Dave S. It's hard but not almost-impossible. I scored a 32.

What the nein, nein, nein's been up to?

dood, what's going on here?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Since I'm no longer at the Bighouse... make sure Biggs and the gang get some quality tv, here's a taste of what I'd have one.