Sunday, May 30, 2010

(----) in Russia: Vol. 33

It's been too long. Tomorrow I am moving to a new place in preparation for the upcoming exodus from this dirty land, and I vow to be more prompt and regular with the postings before our time here is done, if only to entertain myself.


Reflected in this ad for a cell phone is one of the so-called "Stalin sisters," seven huge towers in Moscow that sport the Soviet star and loom over the city's residents like old guards who can't leave their posts.

On the left: chainsaws. On the right: bras.


A night in the country.

Supplies for a weekend in the country.

A bike ride into the woods turned up this abandoned Soviet-era tourist camp that has fallen by the wayside.

A bike ride in the country turned up a Jaguar that had been violated with this jaguar graffiti.

"Dogs can't swim here."

"Vodka is bad for you."

And now, long overdue for all y'all:

A blues band in Moscow's "Country Bar" tearing up the outro of "Imagine."

And then playing a request....