Monday, November 07, 2005

Recommendations for a Monday

FIRST) Work Clothes have a website now--featuring a portion that is a blog! Really, it is the best way to have a band website. From looking at it, I can see where all of our comment spambots went. They are Work Clothes fans now!

They have some music on their site from their excellent semi-self-un-released LP "These are the shoes we wear." Really, some wealthy patron needs to step up to the plate. Drag City!

SECOND) LCRW 10+7? Oui.

THIRDSDAY) November 10th: Mary Robert's and Laura's birthday and Audubon Park, Pleasant, Second Story Man and Roh Delikat live at the Duke Coffeehouse in Durham, Northern Carolina.

Pleasant's new LP is a five star affair and AP has a song on the new Compulation. Personal to JP: You have much to learn about the nature of love and fumbling guitar solos.

That's all for the moment--more as it occurs to us.

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