Monday, February 28, 2005


dang, you guys, did you know that lego-palooza was this past weekend? i am so bummed i missed it. i am all about the plane-like objects and the lasers that shoot out power that drains the enemy's power, and goes 100 miles an hour. (i can go that fast in my car, but i don't have any lasers. poop!)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Stark Pimp is ON POINT

This made me laugh alot.

Some hypeness this weekend:

Hey fun people who aren't in law school, here are a few things going on this weekend that are of the hype variety:

Friday: Cat's Cradle Elliot Smith Tribute

Also Friday: King's Barcade Jesus Lizard and Fugazi (tributes)

Saturday: Work Clothes are playing at the 506 with Bellafea and Des Ark. We all love some Work Clothes.


Sorrow for the Haters


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Audubon Park Hires Bush to Be Drum Tech

Our New Drum Tech Emerges from His Cryogenic Sleep Tube with Trophie Wife to Prepare Tuning Our Drum Heads. He Vows War Against Flat Bass Drum Sounds. Either Cymbals are With Us or We Left Them At Home. With the Microphones. In His Cryogenic Tube Drum Tech President is Master and Cheif of His Tube. One Can Not Argue with Him. Except Trophy Wife. A Trophy Wife. Wait. She Needs to Move. President Drum Tech Has Previously Toured with the Doobies and Does Not Want Children to Make the Same Mistakes He Did.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Someday I'll have my own webpage...

...until then I pollute the Tropic of Food with my 'tude.

The Erie Choir Big Band will play Sat. Feb 19th at the Dook Coffeehaus. So will Autumn Picture, who is this guy from Montreal named Hubert. He is from Canada and may be kind of torn up about Hockey being cancelled. So the songs may be even sadder. Members of Polynya have performed in the Cure and The Smith's cover bands, so I'm guessing they're death metal.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Bunny Is Not As Popular As Julius

So the new EP is set to arrive in a week. This is the cover:
This is not the cover:


but it makes me laugh. Sell, pig, sell.


Here are some factual statements about the EP:

*It is called "The bunny is not as POPULAR as Julius."

*The songs are:

  1. The Death of Baseball
  2. Sunbathers
  3. April in Kentucky
  4. Pleasant Hill
  5. ESP Territory

*Nick Peterson recorded it.

*Baptistic Prant is releasing it.

*I guess if you want one we have a show in April. You could ask for it then. Or just write us and we will try and do our best to get one to you.

*Mikey and Nick at BapPrant did the artwork and the workwork for us this time. They get a million thank yous.

*Spring is coming and AP is happy to be alive.


Go, Finn, Go!

Chuck E. Cheese

Where the fun never stops continuing!

Friday, February 11, 2005

inaugural post

i am using my first post here to point out the important fact that BRAS ARE VULGAR. don't let your kids read about bras! they will immediately become little hellions. i am positive that the boys of audubon park abused bras in their youth, and that is why they make that crazy music.

in other book-related news, hans christian anderson was a gay virgin. but he masturbated a whole lot, apparently.

i think the connections are clear.

Most of my teeth are babies

I have many good reasons for not liking walnuts.



But no-one understands.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Announcing: A Contest!

All right everybody, it's time for a contest. Whoever is the first to correctly identify the author and title of the following excerpted work wins a good prize. Once the correct answer is provided, the winner and prize will be announced. Even if there's only seconds left on the clock, don't give up!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I lost my glasses



Where did they go?

I mean really--

Where did I lose them?

In the restroom.

An Army of Slack

Greetings Team Members, Sat. Feb. 5th, Tropic of Food affliate Erie Choir will partake in ritual music playing at the Martin St. Music Hall in downtown Raleigh. Shoes will be worn by most. Proceeds are to benefit tsunami victims. So instead of staying home and watching your "Murder, She Wrote" dvds, come on down and enjoy.

4 PM: Portastatic
5 PM: Patty Hurst Shifter
6 PM: Goner
7 PM: Schooner
8 PM: Erie Choir
8:45: Viswas Chitnis & Chris Johnson
9:15 PM: Strange
10 PM: The Honored Guests
11 PM: Snatches of Pink
12 AM: Jett Rink
1 AM: Spader

4:30 PM: The Pink Slips
5:30 PM: Gerty
6:30 PM: Billy Sugarfix
7:30 PM: The Greatest Hits
8:30 PM: The Cartridge Family
9:30 PM: Sullentine
10:30 PM: Ticonderoga
11:30 PM: Oedipus Dick