Wednesday, February 17, 2010

(----) in Berlin: The Outtake

Finchik, MC Cat Pants and Erichka. When we were called up, the dude couldn't read the handwriting, so he summoned "Finchik and Mag Head Pants" to the stage.

yeah, it's dark. just listen.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

(----) in Russia Vol. 30

You know you're in Russia in February when it is butt-ass cold. Nose-hair freezing cold. Could slip on the ice and break yr neck cold. Don't leave the house without gloves cold...

...river-is-butt-ass-frozen cold....

... so cold even posters of Dave Gahan have frozen snot....

...and you can't leave your windshield wipers on the glass...

...and you gotta park in a bank of black snow.

But the dogs don't care.

Band practice.

Hockey time. Dinamo Moscow slaughtered some poor other team. But the crowd was the real attraction.

These guys are the OMON, the Russian equivalent of the SWAT team. They break rocks on each other's stomachs with hammers and shit. For fun. They were there to keep order.

Bathroom air freshener scent. If we're talking "After Rain" in Moscow, we're talking a lot more toxic than anything that came out of someone's butt.

Park Kultury metro.


This is an ad for an investment company. On the right it says, "Earn more than you would at the bank!" Usually, the left-hand side has an image of a jar full of dollars and euros, but some clever person put this sticker over it of Putin, some cronies and a U.S. booty.

Yeah, I bet that shit is "Euro Fresh".........