Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Donkey Tries to Eat a Woman's Head: The Poetry that is TV Guide's Episode Summaries of America's Funniest Home Videos

A man gets himself into trouble lifting weights; an automatic seat belt nearly strangles a woman; a cheerleader is overrun by a basketball team; a parasailor takes an unwanted detour. Also: clips featuring cats

Clips include people's reactions to e-mail surprises; fishing bloopers; a woman whose wig blows off at an amusement park; and candy-stealing raccoons.

A man gets stuck in a child's toy car; a dog is spooked by a ceramic cat; a man meets with trouble when jumping over a tennis net. Also: a practical joke at a mortuary; a music montage featuring animals.

Clips include a man chased by bees; river-rafters thrown overboard; a dog catching hockey pucks; a flaming birthday cake; a duck running to an ice-cream truck; a little girl shocked by a short haircut; household accidents.

Holiday gaffes include a flaming Christmas dinner and an Easter-egg hunt that's not all it's cracked up to be. Also: practical jokes played on animals; basketball bloopers.

Videos of games people play; tooth-pulling pets; a bull rider who becomes a human lasso; an overheated wedding toast; and a salad that fights back. Also: green beans transform a child into a shrieking beast; and a dentureless woman bares her smile.

A donkey tries to eat a woman's head; an ostrich swallows a wedding ring; a woman is distracted while ironing and burns a shirt. Also: clips featuring hobbies gone wrong; a montage of football follies.