Friday, June 25, 2004

Quality Assuarance

In yesterday's post, did we really misspell our own band name?


Did the lobby of Target smell unwell?


Are these two incidents related?

Audubon Park is a band from North Carolina.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004





Portastatic, Tenament Halls, Work Clothes, Schooner, Bellafea, Goner, Polynya, The Balance and Odd International

We play at 7:40pm.

I have not been keeping up with this list. Damn.

At some point in the past with Neil Hamburger, Pleaseeasaur, and other shows!

Maybe you are interested in shows.

March 31st, 2005: Private Benefit for Lawyers

April 1st, 2005: With Jett-Rink and Eyes to Space at the Duke Coffeehouse

April 6th, 2005: Just DC Nahm with Erie Choir and SR Maggard at the Nightlight

We've done these:

February 8th, 2005 with Rogue Wave and Two Gallants at the Local 506

October 2, 2004 with Sorry About Dresden, Cold Sides and The Nein at Local 506 (Brothers in Hypness/Big House Presents)

September 11, 2004 with Gerty and Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan at Oh La Latte

August 21, 2004 at with Polynya and Mowling Lawns the Nightlight

April 17, 2004 w/The Man Band and Ghost to Falco

March 20, 2004 w/The Torch Marauder, The Sames, Sharkquest, and Roxotica

Jan. 10, 2004 w/Razzle and A New Dawn Fades

Oct. 30, 2003 Go! w/ Pleasant, Fake Swedish and North Elementry

Oct. 4, 2003 Local 506 w/ Holy Roman Empire and Cass McCombs

Sept. 20, 2003 Nightlight w/ The Sleepies

July 20, 2003 The Cave w/ Holy Roman Empire and Barzin

July 4, 2003 at Kelly's House w/ Transportation, Clarque Blomquist, Fashion Design, Hotel Motel, Cardiff Giants, Holy Roman Empire, Cantwell Gomez and Jordan

June 27, 2003 Go! w/ The Sleepies and Remover

May 5, 2003 Nightlight w/ Erie Choir