Wednesday, November 11, 2009

(----) in Russia Vol.27: [#$%^] in Berlin

At a cozy neighborhood bar, this dude showed up with a cello and started vamping on some Gustav Mahler/Arnold Schoenberg/Irish folk jig/Tom Waits/Riverdance-style improv. While the dude in the foreground was trying to read.

Mixmaster Horsehair also would chant and dance at intermittent intervals. The dog in the audience (true story) barked at this point.

Apparently, toenail care is a huge concern of 21st-century Germany.

"Explore Potsdam" (a small town outside of Berlin). That is a butthole next to the words.



"Men only," the sign said.

What could it be?

A container of French fries eating its own contents.

On that note, what's the best napkin option for a cannabalistic hot dog if he wants to keep the condiments off someone else's fingers?

A Mexican Gandalf in Germany.

Rikk: did you know that "Organic sausage has many friends?"

Straight to the heart of chips. I mean, crips.

R.I.P. Radio Raheem.

Bonus Rikk shot.

The Berlin Wall getting tagged.

And now, a special treat. Bearpit Karaoke in Berlin, at Mauerpark, right by the Berlin Wall. A huge stone ampitheater with hundreds of people singing in the cold. All genres, all ages.

"Love Shack"


"Old Man River." This man gave me chills then and still does.