Friday, January 22, 2010

I just remembered this crazy dream I had last night, I need to write it down before I forget it. So, the gist of the dream is that Shana's grandfather's brother, who really did die sometime in the last 10 years of cancer (I never met him), was actually killed by David Lee Roth. The way I found this out was that I was on a plane with Grandpa Marty, and Roth was also on the plane, and Marty was like "there's David Lee Roth, he killed my brother" (although he probably didn't say it like that, in a Princess Bride way, it was more just an observation). But he killed him by accident, not on purpose. I can't remember now how it happened, but I think Roth did it when he was only 17, which of course is totally not possible because that would have been in 1970. It was something like involuntary manslaughter. Anyway so I was sitting next to Roth on the plane, and he was telling me about what happened, and I sort of felt bad for him, since it was an accident. And then for some reason I asked him if he had ever seen that YouTube video someone made of just his vocals from Running with the Devil. It doesn't seem to be on YouTube anymore, but I found it on Chunklet if you don't know what I'm talking about: I don't remember if he said he had seen it or not, unfortunately. Anyway, bizarre dream to say the least. It might have been prompted by my decision to NOT buy Van Halen's debut album on vinyl earlier this week. Maybe my subconcious knew that I should not be supporting the manslaughter-er of my great uncle-in-law, and just waited a few nights to let me in on the secret.