Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Destroyer's Rubies, Michael Chabon and David Mitchell

So, I wrote a long thoughtful post about the new Destroyer record, Destroyer's Rubies,--a post full of insights and excitement and links. Then I wrote about the new Chabon and Mitchell novels, again,--a post full of insights and brilliant thoughts and links. It was a really great post. One of the best. Lots of different colored words. A long digression on the over-arching themes of Mitchell's novels and how they are taking on a Yoknapatawpha-esque character, and I even had a link to the Wikipedia page on Yoknapatawpha--it was really great. I extolled the brilliance of Michael Chabon's prose style and gushed about how excited I was about his new novel. It was a great post, one of the finest posts of not just the internet, not just American History, but all histories of all times thoughout the universe and one each and every separate string of existance. The post was so good many facts that I claimed to know without any evidence or back up came into existence just so I could be right. In fact, the post was so good that the best part of it wasn't jus this picture of Dan Bejar that I ganked off of some flikr account--who's account is now lost to the shifting sands of history. Yes, it was a very good post, but like all great things--pop songs, butter, children--it came to a violent end when I hit the back space buttong to remove a little extra space I didn't want. Unfortunately, the space wasn't just blank space, it was Spacetime, and as such, you have the crap ass post you see before you with a very nice picture that I didn't take and I don't know who did. And now links.

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