Friday, March 23, 2007

Too Fast, you're too fast

The Great Nate Florin of Chicago alerted me to this, " Vince
Neil is going to be at a North Side branch of my local
liquor store for the debut of his new line of tequila.

I suppose that if there is any man who knows his
tequila, it's Vince. No word on whether any members of
Hanoi Rocks will be present at the signing"

Yeah, I guess if Vince were going to do this, it's best that he waited over 20 years after that tragic accident. I'm guessing he's assuming if this worked for Sammy Hagar, then it can work for him...but keep in mind Vince had a sex tape "accidentally" leaked to the public after Tommy Lee and Pam's sex tape created such a frenzy...didn't really do much for Vince I don't think.

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