Thursday, March 22, 2007

Clint Newman

So, I knew the guys that lived across the hall from Jacob were cool, because I would be in the hall and could hear good music that I liked coming through their door. Then I was in class with one of the guys and I kept wearing my seBADoh T-shirt to see if he would talk to me; because, you know, I was just to shy to start talking to a guy, plus you know how it is when people come up to you and want to talk and stuff and say shit like, "Oh, yeah you like music. I do to. We should hang out and jam," and you know they don't like good music, or maybe they have one good CD because their sister's boyfriend liked it and they have it then they have a shitload of crappy CDs that they want to loan you because they are sure you would like it but you know that you won't because the cover looks like total shit. So I couldn't just talk to him. But then he talked to me and I said, "Yeah, I thought I heard you listening to like the Sliver Joos or Royal Trux or something." Then I tried to loan him a Palace CD but he already had it. Later, I learned he had Palace CDs like no-one's business. Even later, I ate ants while walking to his off-campus apartment with some people. They were good times. Almost later than anything ever, he, Matt and I were in a band and we were really good and recorded a demo that was really awesome, and then a record that was good but I didn't ever hear it. They stayed up all night the last night, drinking and doing vocals, but I was trying to go to bed becasue I had to work and I was mad because they kept coming in, drunk, to tell me how awesome the record was, and waking me up, but also I was mad because they got to stay up and hang out and I had to sleep, on the floor too, becaue I didn't have a bed at the time. They were still good times.

This weekend the Tropic of Food salutes the achievements of CLINT NEWMAN.

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