Thursday, March 29, 2007

Le Weekend presents: The Weekend

Friday March 30
Planning for someday having blog readers in Greensboro here. Drive to Greensboro (even if you live there, leave and drive back) and find Two Art Chicks (the place, not the chicks) at 609 S. Elm Street. Because that's what we'll* be doing. Requires $5 and an arrival around let's say 10pm.

(*We = Le Weekend, The Good Players, Secret Message Machine, Erin's parents)

Saturday March 31
Now drive to Chapel Hill (same deal) to catch Le Weekend again with the likes of some great stuff:
  • DC Nahm - Does anyone remember laughter?
  • MC Crash - Does anyone remember Jowls on a Plane?
  • DJ Nastyboots - Does anyone suddenly realize a certain conceit didn't have the staying power to cover even three things?
Again 5 bucks, again around 10pm. But see? Just try to fault this show for variety.
And there was also a nice write up on the Saturday show here.

I love you but I've chosen wolf,


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