Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today's Quiz: GBV vs. Spam Mail

Hey Boys and Girls,
Today's Quiz! See if you can figure out if the phrases below are titles of spam emails I've received or titles to Guided by Voices songs. Have fun. I'll post the answers later this week.
Troposphere Fake
Paper Girl
Club Molluska
Of Roundhouse On
Blatant Doom Trip
Television Man Love
When She Turns 50
The Hard Way
The Qualifying Remainder
Sex Can Be Enjoyable
Safe Atmosphere
Maybe It's The Best time
Bread Alone
3 Year Old Man
Splatter Advent
Big School
Be As Jacobs
A Portrait Destroyed By Fire
Dickey Wanted Zora
Dying To Try This
Game Leisure Suit
Pink Gun
Systems Crash
Swingers In Your Town
158 Years of Beautiful Sex
Torture Any Violent
She Goes Off At Night
Can Drive
Long Distance Man
Wanna Check It Out
To Kraft As Turkish
Been Here Or Not

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