Friday, March 02, 2007

More Enjoyments

1) Here are some videos of songs that, though probably not released last year, I enjoyed quite a bit in the last year (some of these require not watching the video to enjoy--I will leave it up to you to figure out which):

Harlan "Computer Games Under the Sun": Harlan is close personal friends with AP and we can't say enough how good they are. Here is a first video. This is one to watch. JHN is a man with a single minded vision of anthropomorphic spray bottles. And hooks.

Wolf Parade "Shine a Light": This is a great song off of a good album. Perhaps the album would seem better to me over all if this one song weren't so brilliantly great that it made the rest seem just good. The unfortunate down side of greatness. Effects in this video courtesy of Troll 8.

XTC "Respectable Street": Actually, I listen to Apple Venus all the time, but I couldn't find anything from that record, so here is something else. You can't go wrong with XTC, except for several songs that I won't mention.

Arcade Fire "Rebellion (Lies)": This is a great song that sold me on their first record. Perhaps some folks won't like it, but this right up my style. This makes me want to own a car so I could drive it around small, liberal arts college campuses in the spring with the windows down, hoping to see people I know.

Ariel Pink "Kate I Wait": This song is sorrow/beauty incarnate. I wish I could make music like this. Radio romance as Lovecraftian horror (but isn't it always?).

Bob Dylan "Jokerman": I couldn't find the regular video, which is righteous, so you get a different kind of wonder. Dylan's brilliance is in the destruction.

Geto Boys "My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me": I've already told you why this is great.

Tom Petty "A Face in the Crowd": And you shouldn't need to be told about this. I like to play along on my Squire with Full Moon Fever, and this is my favorite song to solo over. When I was in HS, when FMF came out, I would stay up late listening to Double Q, hoping to hear this song.

XTC "King for Day": Two is good for you.

Joni Mitchell "Coyote": I can't explain it.

Band of Horses "The Great Salt Lake": I thought their LP was pretty good, and this was my favorite song on it. Yes, it reminds me of the Red House Painters and as such, reminds me of driving around the country side, the Summer before college began, with windows down, listening to reverb for reverb's sake.

Warmer Milks "Live in Lexington": Bringing poppies to Europe again.

Art Brut "Emily Kane": If I'd had this song in HS, it would have made its way onto a 2 volume mixtape that would have been regretted as soon as it was delivered.

Mendoza Line "It's a Long Line": This is, suprisingly the only ML video I could find, except for a Firefly tribute set to another song. But I like looking at Clint sit.

The Lemonheads "My Drug Buddy": Every year.

Guided by Voices "Auditorium" and "Motor Away": And also every year.

Peter, Bjorn and John "Young Folks" It just sounds really good. Clip clop clap.

The Nein "Burn Construction": I know people on YOUTUBE. I am famous.

2) There were no videos for the following that I could find:

The Breakfast Meals: Because pop is the best. Every dorm and taped together Volvo should be rocking "Shanty Town."
On the Take: Eyebleeding robots are people after all.
Destroyer: There should be videos, but you know you can't just search for "Destroyer."
Grappling Hook: Maybe everything that dies one day comes back. (Also, be sure [Al B. Sure!] to pick up the new Torch Marauder cd/dblep Triceratops/Can I Get a Lift? and not just because I play guitar on it, but because I play guitar and piano on it.)

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