Wednesday, February 02, 2005

An Army of Slack

Greetings Team Members, Sat. Feb. 5th, Tropic of Food affliate Erie Choir will partake in ritual music playing at the Martin St. Music Hall in downtown Raleigh. Shoes will be worn by most. Proceeds are to benefit tsunami victims. So instead of staying home and watching your "Murder, She Wrote" dvds, come on down and enjoy.

4 PM: Portastatic
5 PM: Patty Hurst Shifter
6 PM: Goner
7 PM: Schooner
8 PM: Erie Choir
8:45: Viswas Chitnis & Chris Johnson
9:15 PM: Strange
10 PM: The Honored Guests
11 PM: Snatches of Pink
12 AM: Jett Rink
1 AM: Spader

4:30 PM: The Pink Slips
5:30 PM: Gerty
6:30 PM: Billy Sugarfix
7:30 PM: The Greatest Hits
8:30 PM: The Cartridge Family
9:30 PM: Sullentine
10:30 PM: Ticonderoga
11:30 PM: Oedipus Dick


Anonymous said...

Remember how in that movie 'Singles' the name of Matt Dillon's band was Citizen Dick?

Anonymous said...
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