Friday, February 11, 2005

Most of my teeth are babies

I have many good reasons for not liking walnuts.



But no-one understands.


wordnerdy said...

my dad is a dentist. i understand completely.

RIKK said...

Last night Clarque and I discussed the album "Perfect Teeth" by Unrest. We both are big fans. Babies need to sleep. Make your teeth sleep.

dc nahm said...

I too love that LP. Though it is a little long.

I also loved that Sex Clark Five song about missing socks. Remember that?

stark pimp said...

Imperial f.f.r.r. is sure my favorite. It was reviewed in the same issue of SPIN (1992) where Slanted & Enchanted was reviewed. I went out and got both of them because they sounded so good (reviews work!) and so that particular issue of that magazine is still what makes me pick up SPIN everytime I see a new one and hope to find something in there that is similarly from left-field and brilliant. Only to find more Yeah Yeah Yeahs.