Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Bunny Is Not As Popular As Julius

So the new EP is set to arrive in a week. This is the cover:
This is not the cover:


but it makes me laugh. Sell, pig, sell.


Here are some factual statements about the EP:

*It is called "The bunny is not as POPULAR as Julius."

*The songs are:

  1. The Death of Baseball
  2. Sunbathers
  3. April in Kentucky
  4. Pleasant Hill
  5. ESP Territory

*Nick Peterson recorded it.

*Baptistic Prant is releasing it.

*I guess if you want one we have a show in April. You could ask for it then. Or just write us and we will try and do our best to get one to you.

*Mikey and Nick at BapPrant did the artwork and the workwork for us this time. They get a million thank yous.

*Spring is coming and AP is happy to be alive.


Go, Finn, Go!


wordnerdy said...

i can't wait until april! please please let me give you cash money for a copy sooner.
love alicia

dc nahm said...

See. Such is the power of the music of AP. Even people we know who post on the blog want a copy of the ep. Imagine if people we didn't know knew us. The excitement would double tenfold and there would be small chocolates everywhere and all the children of the world would start to sing.

RIKK said...

A.P. Album Delayed Indefinitely!

Rob Kleckner reports:
A.P.'s unofficial debut LP, "The Bunny is Not as Popular as Julius", originally scheduled to be issued in the U.S. on February 22, has been pulled from the release schedule and "postponed indefinitely, totally, disorderlies!!!!." A source at Baptistic Prant told us a "legal issue" over the album's title is causing the delay. Apparently, "the bunny" has filed suit, claiming it is just as popular as "Julius", if not more so. Baptistic Prant still hopes to have the album in stores in March, although further delays is possible if David doesn't want to walk them down to CD Alley.