Sunday, February 20, 2005

Audubon Park Hires Bush to Be Drum Tech

Our New Drum Tech Emerges from His Cryogenic Sleep Tube with Trophie Wife to Prepare Tuning Our Drum Heads. He Vows War Against Flat Bass Drum Sounds. Either Cymbals are With Us or We Left Them At Home. With the Microphones. In His Cryogenic Tube Drum Tech President is Master and Cheif of His Tube. One Can Not Argue with Him. Except Trophy Wife. A Trophy Wife. Wait. She Needs to Move. President Drum Tech Has Previously Toured with the Doobies and Does Not Want Children to Make the Same Mistakes He Did.

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Clash Maggard said...

Is it true that this Trophy Wife, in the parlance of our time, has put together her own hip-hop band that is delivering anti-gang messages to the youth of today? If so, will this compete for attention with Bush's No Cymbal Left Behind policy? And will they be opening for Audubon Park?