Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hang in There, Kitty!

Don't let the man squash your style.


Jim Higdon said...

Tonight on Hardball with Chris Matthews:
A law student argues with a cat about social security.


Law Student: This cat has the wrong plan at the wrong time. You hear me kitty?

(Cat attacks law student, drawing blood from his unprotected eyes.)

Law Student: Why did I lose my glasses in the bathroom?!

wordnerdy said...


aww, that is the cutest picture of you with your cat ever. i mean, it's the only one i've seen, but the sepia tone really adds some pathos to the imagery. it'd be hard to beat.

thank you for posting more cute animal pictures. i appreciate it greatly.

ddoodd said...

Is that Hardball transcript read by children? Or is it read by children cats?