Tuesday, August 10, 2004


From Pitchforkmedia.com:
"The kings of crunk meet the kings of the button-down: at a press conference this morning, TVT Records announced that it will release a remixed ep by North Carolina witmeisters Audubon Park, with the remixing done by one Lil' Jon (minus the Eastside Boyz). The ep will be titled 'Crunkshanks on the Island of Mixed Diddles', and the tracklist is as follows:

1. Tonight! Your Booty & My Face
2. Go Shake That Ass, You Lazy B----
3. Trunk Full of Junk
4. Da Old Hizzy

Park frontman David Nahm explains how this ill collaboration came to fruition: 'Early this summer, we were playing at the MTV Beach House; Lil' Jon approached me after the set and said, "YAY-UH! MINE FRONK INNA BIG STYLE! 2GETHER WE MONKA MONKA MONKA! CRUNKSHANKS?". I agreed, seeing as how I've always felt that way about our music, and the band discussed it at length, since we were concerned about how our fans would feel about being associated with such, um, teeth. But when we actually heard the remixes it was kind of a no-brainer...I mean, he just took my vocal tracks and sampled himself smacking some girl's ass and the project was born. We're all excited about it; Ben actually got his teeth replaced with platinum after hearing Lil' Jon's drum programming."

Lil' Jon could not be bothered to comment in more than one syllable, but TVT did give some tour dates for the 'Parkers and the Eastside Boyz:
Sept 10--Myrtle Beach, SC: House of Blues (w/Lil' Flip)
Sept 11--Durham, NC: Ooh La Latte (benefit for Ms. Films, one of Lil' Jon's philanthropic foundations for 'da ladies)
Sept 12--Richmond, VA: Funyuns-Schlitz Ampitheatre (w/Switchfoot)


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