Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Greetings my fellow Audubonese,

As one of the founding members of the Audubon Park Official Fan Club and its current secretary, I’m happy to report the events of our most recent convention held in Gonadville, Indiana.

The fine folks at the Hill Crest Inn Motel were very helpful and welcoming. The soup was very good. Sadly our scheduled keynote speakers, Robert P. Biggers (A.P. Keyboardist) and Richard Lindley Cumberbum (Nahm family official biographer) could not attend as both were detained at the Canadian border on suspicion of ferretting.

Our Fanclub President, Gordish Horton, opened the Fancon by leading us in a rounding chorus of “The loud half hour”.

Gordish Sings!

Several panels were held on various subjects, including Lyric Interpretation: Bees=Imperialism?; Tone: Kalb vs. Fripp vs. Frehley; Precursers: The Hundred, V. Sirin, Pete, El Debarge; Center of the Universe: The Role of Center College; Flem: Pro vs. Con.

What’s a diddle? Lyric Interpretation Panel

The annual Fancon sing along was led by Harry Hurtz and his visible hand of rectitude.

Hurtz leads us in “snowy”.

The Audubon Park Fancon is ultimately about meeting and having fun with your fellow Audubon Park fanatics:

Jebb Bisquicke and Sally Orbgut get friendly

Susan Suisschef and Peter Wiekenbladder kid around.

The Hurt Family

Henry Jurdt, Band Member Look Alike Contest Winner, Matt Kalb division

 Henry Jurdt, Band Member Look Alike Contest Winner, Matt Kalb division

The Oregon Contingent at the Banquet:

 The Oregon Contingent at the Banquet

Those Wacky Floridians!

Those wacky Floridians!

Let the dancing begin!

Let the dancing begin!

The Wandering Yarberlers lead us in their own festive interpretations of Audubon Park classics as well as songs by Christopher Cross, Soul II Soul and their own originals.

The Wandering Yarberelers: “Sailing!”

The Junior Friends of A.P Dance Squad

The Junior Friends of A.P”

Sadly, it all had to end Sunday. Time to say goodbye to all your friends. See you next year at AUDUBON PARK FANCON 2005 in the Quad Cities, Iowa!

See You Next Year


P. Myrtle Hogglesmith, Secretary, Audubon Park Official Fan Club


Verrie said...

Thanks Mr. Secretary for sharing your excellent report. As a participant representing the Great Plains Regional Region I would like to add that the higher terror alerts surrounding the festivities did little to dampen our spirits. Thanks also due to Mr. Rumsfeld for saving our lives every moment of every day.
Thanks again Mr. Secretary for your rousing report and very good photographs of the event. If anyone is interested in getting more photographs (or just talking or hanging out or poleing) you can contact me at this address.

Anonymous said...
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ddoodd said...

Oh good god, what has happened? I have missed the party. I am forlorn.

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