Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Return of the Kings

The TROPIC of FOOD would like to welcome The NEIN back from their tour of the NORTHEAST. Lets ask them how it was (WARNING: the material that follows is not real. Or is it? No, it isn't.):

ToF: How was this tour?
tN: Beleagured. (Sobs)

Ahh, but let's check in with alternate universe the Nein:

FoT: How was this tour?
tN: Hahaha? (Rolls in piles of alternate universe money which to be honest looks fake.) The Nein is wealthy beyond all comprehension because of this tour. No clubs screwed us. We made more than the guy working the door every night. Sometimes almost as much as 15% more.
FoT: What do you plan on doing with your new found financial security?
tN: We just custom ordered a Stretch Tour Escalade!
FoT: Oh, but it is an alternate universe stretch Escalade. It is really small. You should have ordered an alternate universe Le Car. That is a roomy l'auto.
tN: God, why have you forsaken us! (Throws arms upin a showy display. There is a lightening crash--very scary)

It is very difficult for good hard working Americans to make thier way. Let's applaud those that travel in small machines to be in dark places that smell--all for the betterment of our society. Please send all distance Reike to FC, RB and CB c/o Tropic of Food.

Coming Soon: Festival of Ninnies!


wordnerdy said...

i think within a year or so, car companies will be hip enough to want "paid in the escalade" as a commercial jingle, and then the nein can retire in style.

Anonymous said...

Or, if the homeless would pool their change they could by "Handout" and use it in commercials advertising homelessness awareness.

jon said...

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Anonymous said...

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