Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Jim O and the Dream Quest of the Unknown Kadath

Jim O'Rourke FanFic submission ONE.

From St. John Peeps, Pleasant Hill, KY:

Antonio Lemon was dead. That was obvious. His eyes were closed and he was laying down. But why did he die? That is what Jim O'Rourke pondered as he paced the empty--well, except for a corpse--apartment. And there were some empty bean cans and a small sofa--but it wasn't very nice. More or less empty to empty-ish. Devoid of anything good.

So Jim left.

He though back to how the day had begun. His alarm ringing. Then he opened his eyes and realized his alarm wasn't ringing. His room was full of bees! Run Jim. And he did.

After running all morning--in boxer shorts only (Charles Ives print [on sale at TARGET]) Jim stopped by his friend Antonio Lemon's house to pick up something to wear and wonder who could have put bees in his room. Unfortunatley his wondering was cut short when he found his friend DEAD.

After Jim finished putting on his clothes and thought about his day he decided that he needed to figure out who had killed Antonio Lemon--if indeed he was dead--and who put bees in his room--if indeed it was his room. Nothing could be certain at this point.

Jim finished the last can of beans and left Antonio's apartment. In the dark scary hall, full of ambiance and cirumambiance and fog stood a strange man--one who could know everything he needed to know about Antonio, the bees and the fog in the hall. That is, if he doesn't kill Jim first

Tune in tomorrow for the continuation of this thrilling story. And Submit your Jim O'Rourke FanFic today!

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