Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Back to School--Volumen Uno

Wednesday, August 25:
Whereupon our fearful hero embarks into something called "Art History 167". The focus of the class seems to involve paintings of some sort by people whose first names are plural but their last names end with vowels. There was a big spider walking around on the floor, and the girl in front of me called it to my attention by turning around and looking at me with a face like she smelled something bad. For an instant I thought it might be me, but then she pointed at Mr. Arachnid, creeping across the marbleized floor towards my bag, and inevitably, to the door. He had decided that he wasn't interested in the class.

So in class I did learn a new phrase: "perspectival riddles", which of course made me think of the missed phrase "perspectival diddles". Nothing else eventful happened, other than being told we had to buy 5 books for the class, one of which (coincidence!) was written by the professor.

Looking forward, on the syllabus: "Virility and Domination", by Somebody Duncan. And then, "Cubism, Primitivism, Diddlism: the Labial Spectrum in 1919", by Benjamin Livingston Spiker.


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