Tuesday, August 17, 2004


  1. Saddest blog. Or. Or. Or.
  2. We miss GO! Go is where more than one member of the administration of the Tropic of Food made love for the first time and by "make love" we mean "practice" and by "GO!" we mean "Robert's house" and by "first time" we mean "second time."
  3. SATURDAY, AUGUST 21st: AUDUBON PARK, POLYNYA, MOWING LAWNS. The Nightlight. 10pm. Be there and while there is a there love the place. Polynya is lo-kee space funk of the highest order. In a gleeming castle of steel in the sky a nameless creature is getting down to the air they move. Mowing Lawns are equal to or greater than all of nature added together. Folk metal? Is it possible? Yes it is and it is needed because America is in trouble. Audubon Park is celebrating our second annual being left out of the Indy Sounds Local. Big ups to the AP. Keep Reachin'!
  4. ToF would like to congradulate the US Men's Gymnastic team. Men's gymnastics is the highest form of physical expression that there is. Women's gymnastics is too. It is a tie. Two gold medals from my mind!
  5. Thursday Night is Sonic Youth night at the Cat's Cradle. Please send your Jim O'Rourke FanFic to audubonpark AT hotmail DOT com. Why did I type it like that? I saw it on the internet.
  6. We need more FanFic!



Anonymous said...

Hep also misses Go. He also misses easy cheese.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of olympics:

Not work safe:

But safe in other ways: