Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tropic of Food Community Development Award

Ladies and Manfolk: my brother has learned of the internet. Please welcome him with open arms.

Musical History of Todd

1989: After seeing the video for "Rag Doll" by Aerosmith, buys Permenant Vacation. His life is changed.

1990: Probably buys Pump, Rocks and Toys in the Attic.

1991: I sure this is when he buys Night in the Ruts and Done with Mirrors. His life again changes.

1992: I don't quite remember how it worked but I think it went like this--I sell my Martin Stinger to Will Garriott and buy a Gibson SG, then sell the SG to Todd so I could buy the Jazz bass that is now in my closet. Then Todd decides he wants to play bass, so he trades the SG to Play it Again for a "Rickenbacker" bass, scooping Johnny Wyatt on the transaction by just minutes. Then Todd decides he doesn't want to play bass and trades the "Rickenbacker" to John for either a 12 string or a classical--I don't remember. At any rate, at this point, Todd has his first guitar. Also, buys Joe Perry Project's Let the Music Do the Talking.

Oh, like 1986, the piano lessons start. I should have started with that since it is Todd's primary instrument. Shit. Anyway:

1993: I give Todd all of my Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Pink Floyd CDs thinking, "Now that I listen to Husker Du I have no need of these relics of music." I am wrong. Todd scores. Life changes again.

1994: Goes to college for a while. Probably writes some dirty songs.

2006: Gets Myspace account and ENGAGED!


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