Friday, February 17, 2006

Overexperienced in Durham--volume Whatever

Wednesday, February 15
room Whatever in the Terry Sanford Institute of Despicable Public Policy Hotties
"journalizm klass"

Former NEWSWEEK editor JERRY FOOTLICK speaks to the minions on today's hottest issues in journalism:
"You will get a job with a Liberal Arts Degree. My daughter, Duke graduate, totally hot, makes an absurd amount of money, produces Hollywood movies that are touching lesbian brother and sister schlock and will forever live in the shadow of BROEKBAK MOUNTIN', she has a job. Making lots of money. ANd you'll get a job. You'll also be hired somewhere. Freelance writing is for chumps, or the independently wealthy. Oh, sure, it's a grait way to mayk a living, but don't bother with that." (here he pauses to twitch his face violently, which happens about 6 times a minute for the 75 minutes that he talks non-stop, in class that is only supposed to run for 55 minutes but is forced to sit uncomfortably reverently in the presence of someone famous who has ties to DUKE UNIVERSITY, with no questions from the brightest minds at a semi-brightest school [a painful subject with the Devils, who have always lived in the shadow of schools that not only had more people from NEW JERSEY but was actually in NEW JERSEY, or some state like that, CORENELL, or PRINZTUN] other than these:
1. "Like, it seems liek there's so many people who are like, working for NEWSWEEK all over the place, you know? And, so, this is a totally random question, but, like, how does that work? (makes gesture with both hands indicating some motion towards the center of the roundtable--it's a SEMENAR, you know?)

2. "What do you think about trying to do freelance writing for, like, a small local INDEPENDENT publication (narrator did not ask this question, but questioner spends way too much time staring at narrator in general)? "

Jobs. THat's the important thing about, like, journalism, and writing and stuff, too. Getting a job. In JOURNALISM, of course.

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