Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Saddest Story of All Time For Real!

Once, there were two people--and older man wrapped in a towel and a young woman who was addled in the head to such a degree that her tongue always hung out her mouth. He was kind and loving and she was jolly and full of good cheer. They were friends.

The older man took care of the young woman--bought her groceries, kept her yard--and the young woman kept the older man company--reading to him simple children's stories at night. Neither had any other family, so they made a family just for themselves. Nights were warm, days were beautiful.

Then one day, the older man died. The young woman, being addled, perhaps from a head injury, didn't know he was dead. She just thought he was sleeping. She continued to read to him, or to his lifeless body, each night in the fading light. Soon, she ran out of food, and being simple, couldn't go get food for herself. She was very hungry, but didn't know what to do. She kept asking the older man to get her food, but remeber, he's dead and couldn't respond. She cried. Then she died.

(pictures from Pugs In Hats)

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