Thursday, February 23, 2006


Tomorrow night, one of the finest bands to ever break-up will finally live up to their promise to break up. What can one say about this band and the people in this band? They play music. They know what they are doing.

Who are they?

HOTEL MOTEL. Come see them Friday Night at the Big House. If you are reading this you probably live there or at least have passed out there a time or two--but if you are a bot or are from the Yemen, leave a comment and we may see fit to put directions.

HOTEL MOTEL will be releasing thier newest and most last EP Your Ass is Grass So Please Pass the Peas. It lives up to their promise to "sound like Thinking Fellers Union Local 282." I have heard it and it is their best. You should come and get some (diddles).

Some bands are popular with the ladies. Some bands are Band's bands. And some, just some, are band's band's bands. I think you know who I mean, but maybe you don't know what I mean.

A band of beards of subtle knowledge. A band of systematic skirts. That isn't a saxophone but the call of all of the doves of peace as they lay down and learn to respect heavy gauge strings and toypiano solos.

Really: words aside. HOTEL MOTEL present a significant improvement in the state of music. another like them will not be along soon--

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