Thursday, January 19, 2006

You Are Going to Be Busy

REASON ONE! Friday: The Nein w/Fin Fang Foom and Bringerer at The Wetlands. The Independent says:
The Nein, Fin Fang Foom, Bringerer

Casey Burns came to Chapel Hill in 1993 on a Morehead Scholarship, and--in the last 12 years--he's become a vital part of the local rock scene, managing the Cat's Cradle for seven years and designing some 1,500 concert posters. Remember the Southern Culture poster with a skull wearing a "Women Love Me/ Fish Fear Me!" cap? The praying-hands Polvo show? Both Casey. He's also designed Independent covers and album art for folks from Jon Wurster and Tom Scharpling to his current band The Nein. This will be Casey's farewell show with The Nein--who play swagger-borne, noise-driven angular indie rock--as he will move to Portland, Ore., later this year to be with his wife. Fittingly, gig-art mentor Rob Liberti opens with his new band Bringerer; Fin Fang Foom and DJ Viva fill the bill. $6/10 p.m.

REASON TWO! Sunday the 22nd: Listen to WXYC 89.3 fm at 8pm and hear an interview with one or all of the following bands (possibly): Erie Choir, Schooner, The Sames and Summer Set. Those four have a split cd coming out next week called "3x4." They will be playing at the aforementioned Wetlands.

REASON THREE! Tuesday the 23rd: Criteria w/Audubon Park and En Garde. Again, let's go to the Indy:

Criteria, Audubon Park
Local 506

Like a bright pink natural disaster, Audobon Park storms through broken bits of song, leaving a disheveled path of yo-yo pop and candy wrapper rock in its wake. The diary-page guitar theatrics of Ex-White Octave unit Criteria ain't nearly as cute as a tornado dressed in a My Little Pony onesie, but the band heaves like a two-headed emo monster, delivering guitar-centric heaviness with a heart. $8/9:30 p.m.

Don't try Googling "bright pink natural disaster," it's nasty.

Bored now???: see this interesting report from a David Foster Wallace signing from the lit-blog Edward Champion's Return of the Reluctant. I wonder if he is a relative of failed presidential candidate Joe Champion? In any case, the blog is part of a group of readers/writers who are working their way through the complete works of William T. Vollmann. (Not to WTV Reading Group: You need Word Nerdy's help. She'd finish the unabridged Rising Up, Rising Down on the bus.) I have only read some of his short stories, from the Rainbow Stories, and am interested in getting into him, but I'll be damned if I know where to start. And Steve Erickson too. Where to begin? I want to start off on the right foot with both and am frozen. Help is helpful. Imagine reading Timbuktu before you read New York Trilogy. You wouldn't read New York Trilogy (though may be it is worse to read NYT first and spend the rest of your life looking for a second NYT. Maybe George Lucas can help.)

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