Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Microsoft Turd

Before I proceed, I must explain that I had to email this entire process to myself just so I would remember to PUT IT ON THE BLOG. Cause I had been BLOGGIN' IT ON THE PUT, you know....

Let me hit y'all with some text pulled from recent SPAM I been receivificatin'. It's pure random computer haikus, fools. Check the syence:

Sent at 4:41am on "Yesterday":
a stomach on seventeen may ukrainian on sublimate ! provoke , bootstrapping a recumbent see chastise be anatomic see selenate not vertical may photolytic but kingsley see we're Or maybe not

Sent at 11:13pm on Jan 15:
maximiser the exceeding and fairways pyorrhoea's the corroboratory andguimpe ! boudicca it blink a nevers ,gratefully localisations tinniest draughtiness a control's scapegoat repress and abbess it's dwellers itseedlike it whare , Lilliputianize but auxinic the regularly or shipborne but homophobes it twitchily orcranko and hours it sustained a incapably a , doves appellatively trademark's millepede gambolling the thimblerig gears discreditable submodules !it's xerosere it clubfooted in

my favorite phrases out of this:
--bootstrapping a recumbent
--a stomach on seventeen may ukrainian on sublimate !
--trademark's millepede gambolling the thimblerig gears

But keep in mind, this text is all hidden underneath giant html ads for Viagra or something called "UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA", which seems kind of like the same thing as "COMPUTER."

oh, if only i could insert some nifty link-hidden-within-text-and-indicated-by-blueish-color-and-underlining.

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