Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blowing Up

Recent Press Coverage of Audubon Park Activities:

The Mountain Times (online) calls "Ghettos of the Sun" (from the new Compulation Volume II) an "astounding progressive rock masterpiece." Thanks!

The Independent calls the self-same song "invasive." Where's my scalpel?

Has the world gone MAD? Who knows. One thing I can tell you, and this is not a secret is that my knee hurts from sitting like this for so long.

I am listening to the Pandora radio station and it just played Television and told me the reason it was playing was becuase I liked extensive vamping, repetivitve melodic phrases and electric guitar riffs. I guess they got that one right. Also: who knew that the singer from James and Angelo Badalamenti recorded and album together? Not me.

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