Sunday, January 29, 2006

In the studio, live on tape......

This weekend AP kicked it lost-style in Track and Field Studios with Nick Petersen, putting the finishing overdo's on the epic "Teenage Horses". Special guests included Crowmeat Bob, the Great Descriptah, Ben Cohen (and parents), Mark Lebetkin (who was spared the full-band direction on what and how to play this time), and Mike Walters.

Here's the Audubon Park Symphonic Players layin' down the first movement of the AP jam "Burn Construction in 3 parts".

Two generations of Cohen discuss whether or not Robert truly burned us all with that last percussion overdub involving a djembe ensemble from Ghana.

David and Finn have the last laugh as Matt and Robert's faces melt from the scorching bass solo at the end of AP's cover of "Muskrat Love".

Ben wonders if too much really is never enough.

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