Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Salty Salute

Robert Pollard does your Chinese Horoscope:


Drawing pictures, playing solos til ten. Are you amplified to rock? Are you hoping for a contact? Ai'll be with you, without you, again turn and run, the angel's calling.


The closer you are the quicker it hits you Try to be nice and look what it gets you Now you can see the boys dreaming, scheming. . .


Suck it up and win the game, Chew me up and spit me out, It's been a long ugly winter, I need a sunbath??Winning horse??


cold hands touching my face, don't hide - the snake can see you, old friends you might not remember, fading away from you


yeah you know things could get much worse, you know things could get much worse, could be better, yeah..


sharper than most, cut with exacto, gone is all good, ex post facto, ba-da-ba-da...oh, oh...


You must be willing just to ride along with me, You must be happy just to do the job for free, Yours for the taking if you follow simple rules, Such acts of subservience were never taught in schools.


the worst offense is intelligence, the best defense is belligerance


Your trail is quite a puzzle, And you are such a daredevil, And you are such a collector


man of wisdom and man of compromise, man of weak flesh in an armored disguise, all fall down


Bad luck anyway you call it


You could never be strong, You can only be free

1 comment:

Register the Cat said...

Matt used to think the line was "God is all good, ex post facto." Becareful when getting theological advice from R. Pollard.