Monday, September 27, 2004

Profiles in Hypeness: Day One

Cold Sides: They're a MotherFucker

C. E. Graves (a.k.a. hdrpnkgvrnmntwr): Known primarily through out the Southeast becasue of a crippiling frear of anitques.

CEG: Hey what kind of amp is that?

Person: Oh, it's a Fender VibroChamp

CEG: A reissue?

Person: No, a 1963.

CEG: (Speachless for a moment--then begins to scream)

*Favorite album: A cassette mix of microhouse remixes of "Walking in Memphis."
*Dream Date: Alayna Miles (black velvet, indeed!)
*Turn Offs: Pushy people, Pickled vegitables, antiques
*What Makes Him Hype: Knowlege of Dewey System


R. P. Biggers (a.k.a: Sonic Terrorist (Kat Stevens)): If someone is bleeding at a Cold Sides show, it is Mr. Biggers, or perhaps someone else, if they slip on some spilled beer while leaving mid-set. Or on spilt blood. Oh, that would be a mess.

Mr. Biggers is known in some circles as an award winning philosopher, and in other circles as someone who would never win a philosophy award. Never.

RPB: What is time? Is it part of this stream of imperceptibles that we interpret in our brain, is it objective or is it by thought analysis different. Can babies percive time? I don't know. I haven't asked them. Perhaps time is changing but it is also always changing into something it already was so it really isn't getting different. Maybe there isn't no time at all that doesn't not exist out side of that which isn't, by implicit association, non-existant as such.

Rossi: Really, dude, I just want to know if you are almost done in the bathroom. Cantwell needs to get to bed.

??? (a.k.a Nomad Stylo): Little is known about Mr. NS. Perhaps the most hype of all those of which hypness is applied. Can you name a sun from which all heat is recieved? Can you touch a black hole? I don't know and I am not sure that here is the place to ask.

Let me put it this way: earlier today I saw a picture of two guys from New Jersy without their shirts on standing next to a leathery 22 year old woman in a thong and tiara. This picture was pinned to the side of an clown that had blacked out who was in a box car headed for French Canada looking for work and a promise of a new beginning, far far away from the pain. This is but a speck in they eye of Neill.

*Favorite Album: Tones of Love by Astral Taco and the Symphonic Dragons (1978)
*Turn Ons: Everything
*What Makes Him Hype: The question is, is there any hypness left for anyone else?


C. M. Bob (a.k.a Dallas Diamond Eveready): Once a little boy sat on a mountain and spoke to the wind:

Blow, baby, blow: the new dawn
passes my fingers like a sparrow
who is homeless. Sup from the bosom
of a million cut toenails.

This boy then was put in a special after school program for trouble makes. He met a kid in a jean jacket who gave him a velvet pouch with a leather cup in it. In the cup was a key. The key opened a locker in a Durham bus station. In the locker was nothing. What a gip. Then, the next summer, after cutting yards, with a little money, the boy bought a Ramones record.

This was the boy we knew who had seen his mother naked a few too many times. And talked about it in the locker room after gym.


wordnerdy said...

yay, it's band incest week! can't wait for the show this weekend! will erie choir make a guest appearance to round things off? :)

Register the Cat said...

yeah, erie choir and maybe some KLF.

Anonymous said...

AP, CS, SAD, and tN are all tender shoats that sup from the comforting bosom of the sweet EC sow.

Watch out for the flood. It'll get you!

Anonymous said...

Get off my tats
-Erie Quoir Unlimited, RLLEP

Anonymous said...

Who let rossi in cold sides? Is he playing the orchestra?

Anonymous said...

No, Rossi isn't in Cold Sides, he just wanted to know when Robert would be done in the can and Robert philosophized and then Rossi explains that he just wants to know so that Cantwell can get in and go to be. Rossi is in the Nein. (duh)