Friday, September 03, 2004

Back to School III

My first week of law school has gone well.

At first I was afraid I would be called on in class. I didn't want to look foolish. But a week has gone by and I still haven't been called on and the same people keep getting called on. Is it because they are better looking or look attentive. Yes, yes it is.

I have become envious. I can't stand that other people are talking in class and I am not.

So I have developed ways that I can really get myself into the class action.

I drop things while people are talking. Pencils, notebooks, laptops. Then I say, "Whoo! That was loud and my bad you all. My B. I owe everyone a drink. GO HEELS!"

I sit outside of the professors' offices and study (cough into a paper towel I took from the snack bar). I use their bathroom too.

I write notes to them and slide them under their doors while they are trying to meet with other students. "Do you know what love is? -Whitesnake!"

I knock on their doors and thens run off--making a sound that is somewhere between a giggle and a scream.

I sit in the stairwell and weep.

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