Monday, June 13, 2011

The History of Audubon Park, Part Nineteen

Once, long before Jennifer and I moved to Carrboro, we took a day trip to Mammoth Cave in lovely Cave City, Kentucky. The cave tour was awesome (caves are just sort of the best and Mammoth Cave is the best of the best) but it wasn't until after we got out of the cave that we had "the best day ever."

Next to each other, just off of the interstate, were a wax museum and what was billed as a "3-D Haunted Maze".

I've told the story of our adventures there before, many times, so I will just make a few annotations on the song "Tree Full of Snakes."

1. Ben came up with the title. I was talking to him on the telephone, standing in the back bedroom of the duplex Jennifer and I lived in on Lindsay Street. I told him that I saw a snake in the yard, but I thought it went into a tree. He then said, "Tree full of snakes, man." I think that is what happened. I could be wrong. I am wrong about some of this stuff. Ben is free to correct this.

We used to practice, the two of us, in Lauren's knitting room.

2. Dolly Parton was singing "9 to 5," not "Islands in the Stream," but I like "Islands in the Stream" better.

3. The description of the Haunted Maze is more or less correct. It was low budget and empty and if I was ever going to be killed horror movie style, it would have been then. At some point as we went through, in the pitch dark maze, we were joined by a group of about four high school football players. They were shrieking and jumping at everything and one of them, not realizing that I was not in their group, started clutching me with fear. I said, "Are you okay?" and the guy, realizing what he'd done, said, in the most macho voice possible, "Oh, my bad."

4. We had a good time.

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