Saturday, December 17, 2005

Year End Wrap Up

AP would like to wish all of the readers, regular and otherwise, a happy:

Secular Time Off with Gifts

Take your pick.

This is the time of the year when we look back at all we acheived.

It was a productive year. Factor in the relase of the Nein's Wrath of Ciruits, the industry wide praise for Hotel Motel, the release of Erie Choir's Bad Tzars is a Drag (unless that was last year) and RB's myspace page: Whew! When did we sleep?

Oh right, on Ross Grady's show. Sorry Ross (and REM).

What were we interested in this year:

  • Destroyer's new album, Detroyer's Rubies. In fact, the posts we've had about that album have been our most popular. Sad considering they say so little. Here is one that says alot; that says what we would have said had we been able to say it, or heard the new album, which we have not--though I am assured by Stark Pimp that we will all need new shorts in the new year.
  • David Mitchell, David Mitchell David Mitchell. The first book I read in 2005 was Cloud Atlas--holy shit, what a great book. Since, I have read his other two books and am now eagerly awaiting his next book, Black Swan Green. All three of his books--Ghostwritten, Number9dream, and Cloud Atlas--are really strong. Also, all three are connected in really strange ways. Not just recurring characters, but small details--the comet--that really seem to point at Mitchell making his own world, just like Faulkner did. There are part of Ghostwritten that really have me stumped, so, everyone read it so we can talk about it.
  • The new Michael Chabon book--I am pushing back my comments on it until 2007.
  • Megalodon, Megalodon, Megalodon.
  • Rock Static, an excellent NC music blog--like a second home for me and all the lost, bored children of the universe.
  • Backwards City is cool too.
  • Of course, White Dawg.

What do we have to look forward to? This:

Thank you to the folks that came to the shows and read our steady stream of hyper-evolving-wormhole-esque-non-sense.

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