Saturday, December 10, 2005


Richard Pryor passed away today. He was one funny motherfucker. I am writing this from the apartment complex office and I know that the Net Nanny is going to #### with my #### and not let me write what I feel.

There is no-one funnier than Richard Pryor; but he was better than funny. He was painful. He realized better than anyone that laughter comes from a dark place; and he knew how to take that pain and make it something profound. Pryor was funny the way Mark Twain was funny, the way Nabokov was funny--your laughter took your mind off the fact that he was cutting you up bad.

He was a scalding iron. He was my favorite comedian of all time. He was a genius.

There will never be another.

"Comedy rules! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise, and there are no rules in stand-up comedy, which I really like. You can do anything you want and you can say anything that comes to mind - just so long as it's funny. If you ain't funny then get the #### off the stage, it's that simple."

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