Thursday, December 01, 2005


To boot:

RECESS, this Saturday, December 3 at Nightlight in Chapel Hill, will feature new music from both David Nahm and Matt Kalb of A.P.

For better or worse, Nahm has chosen to be accompanied by Ben "Steady Conflict Rhythm" Spiker and Robert "Dark Crystal Synth Cloud" Biggers, and may or may not appreciate having his pick-up group referred to as Ocular Nookie. Or Despicable Beaches. Or Rhododendron Mitchell. But probably not Crowmeat Bob.

Also of the genus T of F, Rob Maggard will play several of his "suitcase instruments" (from the suitcase, not just playing suitcases), and the secret hot-shit-here's-why music will be played by Todd Emert (of Mowing Lawns). Be there at 2200h sharp to see Robison play foist.

Ad-Out and En Garde!
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