Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm Just Waiting for Tanglewood Numbers

Today I finally got my copy of the new Silver Jews LP, Tanglewood Numbers. I thought about it all last night, riding home on the bus. There was a Chinese woman talking into her lipstick and the air smelled like an away jersey. There was a pretty girl in braids with a big nose reading sheet music.

I thought about it all through Business Associations this morning. I couldn't focus on class--voting trusts and classified stocks. Instead I googled for images of "Moby-Dick," who is 154 today, and tuned out.

After class, I walked up to CD Alley on Franklin with Ben. We stopped at Ken's so he could buy cigarettes and a root beer. CD Alley was closed when we got there, so we sat on a bench and watched the beer delivery guys deliver beer to BW3s. We talked about how some people can play all sorts of songs that people like on acoustic guitars--something I have never been able to accomplish. We talked about gay evangelical Christians and read the police blotter. CD Alley still wasn't open and Ben had to go, so I hung out alone on the bench out front and waited, reading Herzog. People came by, tried the door, cursed, and left. Were they all going to buy the new Silver Jews too?

While I waited, the front door of University Massage opened--something I had never seen--and a woman came out. She looked like a hair-dresser--she was wearing a smock and had two frazzled, red pigtails--painted for an elementary production of the Nutcracker Suite. She looked at me, crossed the street to Hams and a few minutes later returned with a bag of food. I guess you do build up an appetite.

Finally, Sean showed up. He was hungover. His wife, who has been working in Charleston this semester, is on Fall Break, and home. "We had a nice time." He kept grinning. "Actually, I am still drunk." Grinning. "Man, when Ryan gets here, I'm leaving." He kept grinning and I bought the new Silver Jews and walked back to school, taking of my jacket and sweater, because now it was hot.

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