Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Smear Campaign Begins!

I just received this email in my personal email box:

To whom it may concern at the Tropic of Stupid or whatever:
I don't appreciate you attempting to drag my good name through the mud.
Your quote is not only out of context, it is complete bunk. I never named anybody.
I merely mentioned that Sandy Bjorkback's husband might be the torch marauder.
Mr. K. "you'll never pin anything on my ass" Rove

When will the smears, lies and tacticts end?

Mr. Rove says he first heard that the Torch Marauder was Dave Bjorkback from the "media (" Novak confirms that Rove was his second source on the TM.

How high does this go?


RIKK said...

We're missing the point here folks. The "outing" of the Torch was in retribution for Dave Cantwell going public with his assertation that Cheerwine is in fact superior to any Coke or Pepsi product which is counter to this administration's view.

Anonymous said...

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