Friday, July 01, 2005

O'Connor Retires

Bush nominates Anne Gomez as replacement to "highest" court.

Ms. Gomez, in an undated photo, with her law clerk.


RIKK said...

Don't they already have a bass player? Ginsburg?

David said...

Yeah, Anne will be playing sax.

Rhenquist--Lead Vocals, Keys
Scalia--Lead Guitar
Kennedy--Drums, Percussion
Thomas--Organ, Rhodes, Backup vox
O'Connor--Sax, Backup vox
Souter--Rhythm Guitar, Backup vox
Breyer--Laptop, Percussion
Stevens--Lead Guitar

RIKK said...

Was Crowmeat Bob even consider?

David said...

Bob was too devisive of a figure. The administraiton wanted to appoint someone who would bring the nation together in a time of healing and victory.